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Our mission is to guide you all the way from initial idea to actual implementation, providing tailored software solutions that meet your specific needs.

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From innovative ideas to customized software solutions, our team is here to guide you through every stage of your project. Specializing in the software development tailor-made management and in the creation of websites engaging, we are the partner that turns your visions into digital realities. From presenting your idea or problem to implementing the solution, we are here to Take you to the next level.

Tailor-made software

We develop tailor-made software for start-ups, guiding you through ideation and idea development with our advanced know-how.

B2B management software

We immerse ourselves in your business, developing ad-hoc management solutions to optimize and digitize your business processes.

Web Site Development

Our expertise brings dynamic websites to life, ensuring an active and engaging digital presence for your brand.

Outsourcing of services

We develop tailor-made software for start-ups, guiding you through ideation and idea development with our advanced know-how.

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Find out how we exceeded expectations, Case by case.

Explore our portfolio of case studies, from initial challenges to effective solutions, these stories tell the story of our dedication to delivering quality software. Each case represents a springboard for digital transformation, highlighting how we have exceeded expectations and delivered tailored solutions that elevate our commitment to digital excellence.

Management software to optimize production costs
Tecnaval S.R.L.

Customer expectations: keep an eye on progress in shipyards to reduce production costs and ensure proper inventory management.

Project Outcome: TEKny developed desktop management software to keep track of products in stock and orders placed for each individual shipbuilding. This enabled the client to be able to organize its work effectively.

Innovative system for monitoring refrigerated containers
Mediterannean Shipping Company S.A.

Customer expectations: create legal evidence of the status of refrigerated containers transited on board in order to be able to reduce the reports received about cargo not being checked.

Project Outcome: TEKny has developed a solution consisting of two interconnected software. The mobile software enables the acquisition, with the support of artificial intelligence, of on-board data. These are sent to the web software to be organized and historicized into reports.