About Us

TEKny® is a registered trademark on the Italian national territory and has been active since 2016 in the digital communications sector.

For our team, the highest priority is to satisfy the customer immediately and continuously through the delivery of working software, with a variable frequency from a couple of weeks to a couple of months, preferring short periods. Working software is the main measure of progress.

Matteo Di Bartolomeo

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Our Vision
We create specific strategies, ideas and technologies to grow your company with the power of digital marketing.

Thanks to the transversal knowledge of our professionals, we are able not only to work in Digital Marketing, but we can also develop mobile applications. With TEKny you will have the guarantee of having a work team ready to cover all the services you need: from the management of Social pages, to the creation of the Brand of your business

Our Mission
TEKny was born with the aim of creating a professional and complete work team to make any company grow thanks to the power of new technological tools, from its start-up phase to the point of scale-up.
We create specific strategies, ideas and technologies to grow your business with the power of digital marketing. We enhance your commercial strategy. We increase direct sales on your site. We take care of your promotion and web marketing.

Meet The Team

Matteo Di Bartolomeo
Full-Stack Web Developer - CoFounder
Federico Rotoli
Mobile Developer - CoFounder
Antonio Vicedomini
Marketing & CEO

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